can i sleep with pregnancy belt?

can i sleep with pregnancy belt?

     This needs to follow the doctor's advice, but it is generally not recommended to continue using the pregnancy belt ​while sleepin.

can i sleep with pregnancy belt

Safety Considerations for a Maternity Band

It is not recommended to continue using a pregnancy belt while sleeping.

While sleeping, the body is naturally relaxed, which can cause the muscles around your stomach and belly to relax. In turn, this can cause lower back pain, because the belly is heavy and pressing down on the spine.

The pregnancy belt keeps your tummy muscles firm and helps to ease back pain. However, if you use the belt while you sleep, it can actually make you wake up with more lower back pain.

The 5 reasons why you need a pregnancy belly band

  • Talk to your doctor. Always consult your doctor before attempting anything during pregnancy. Your doctor can talk to you about your symptoms and determine if a band would be beneficial.
  • Choose the right size. Although support belts can stretch to accommodate you as your abdomen grows, you still want to start with an appropriate size. Most bands have sizing charts based on your pre-pregnancy size to help find the right fit. A band that is too tight can harm your growing baby.
  • Follow the instructions. Some belly bands attach at the front while others attach at the sides or back. Do not attempt to use your pregnancy support belt band in any way other than it is intended.
  • The right compression. Your brace should not feel tight or uncomfortable. It should provide gentle compression under your stomach and around your back. If your pregnancy band is too tight, it can compress your organs, cause indigestion and heartburn, and even negatively affect your circulation and blood pressure.
  • time limits. Don't wear a brace for more than two or three hours at a time. Wearing it for too long can weaken your muscles, which can lead to long-term negative effects.
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