How can I better prevent weight-lifting waist injuries?

How can I better prevent weight-lifting waist injuries?

In strenuous exercise, many people do not care the waist will be injured, if the waist is not properly protected will leave the root of the disease, so how to protect the waist in sports? Here's how to avoid waist injuries during sports.

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A considerable part of low back pain is caused by the patient's waist injury in sports. The main reasons of waist injury in sports include: not strong concept of self-protection, insufficient preparation activities before sports, ineffective protective measures in sports, and improper waist activities. One of the main reasons for the lack of self-protection concept, some people often regret it.

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In order to better avoid waist injury in sports, the following aspects are generally required:

① Strengthen the awareness of self-protection and must not take it lightly.

②There must be sufficient preparation activities before sports activities. For some sports special events with heavy waist load, in addition to general warm-up activities, special warm-up activities should also be focused on. The time is generally 20 minutes, and 5 minutes can be added or subtracted appropriately in winter and summer, taking the degree of fever, flexibility of limbs and joints, and full movement of the waist.

③In sports activities, the waist exercise load should be reasonably arranged, with a certain interval in the middle, so as to avoid excessive waist fatigue. The amount of exercise should be gradually increased, and more stretching exercises to enhance strength. Weight-bearing exercises under waist tension generally focus on strengthening static exercises.

④ Pay attention to exercise posture, especially when doing weightlifting and other items, especially the waist posture; when necessary, use measures such as wide waist belt to strengthen protection.

⑤ Treat the waist injury in time, and do not continue to exercise when the waist injury has not healed, so as to avoid repeated injuries. In the initial post-injury exercise, in order to strengthen the waist, a wide belt should be worn. ⑥ The sports field should be open and flat to reduce waist sports injuries caused by sports field factors.


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