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How does menstrual lumbago ease?

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Female friends will have a lot of uncomfortable symptoms when menstruation. Among them, low back pain is the most common. Almost every girl will experience low back pain. It has a great impact on life, so it is necessary to take timely measures to relieve it. Hot compresses and massage can all relieve low back pain during menstruation. Yes, you should also pay attention to your diet. Eating some warm food can also help relieve back pain.

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Girls are more afraid of menstrual periods, because during this period of time there will be a lot of physical discomfort, especially girls with dysmenorrhea, which is more painful. Although some girls have dysmenorrhea every day, they will have low back pain. This kind of situation should be investigated in gynecology. If you often have low back pain during menstruation, it is best to go to the hospital for a clear check.

Let's look at some ways to relieve back pain.

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1. Massage: When menstruation comes, you can gently massage the waist for low back pain, but don't use your fist to vigorously hammer. You can use your fist to rub up and down on the painful part of the waist to help relieve the pain.

  2. Hot compress: Hot compress is very effective in reducing pain. Putting a hot water bottle on the waist can dredge blood vessels and relieve low back pain.

  3. Walk around properly: Do not sit often for low back pain, so that the pain will be more difficult to relieve. You can take a walk to move your muscles and bones, promote menstrual blood excretion, and reduce waist discomfort.

  4. Cushion: Low back pain during menstruation. Women who are sitting and working can choose a comfortable cushion to reduce waist pressure and relieve pain.
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  5. Be happy: A happy mood is also helpful in relieving waist pain. If you are in a bad mood during menstruation, it will cause menstrual blood to stagnate, which can not be discharged normally, and aggravate the symptoms of low back pain.

6. Diet to relieve low back pain: The diet should be lighter during menstruation. Eating too salty food will cause water retention, affect the body's metabolism, cause edema, and aggravate waist pain. Avoid eating food that is too salty, too spicy, and cold. Some of the foods that are conducive to menstrual blood excretion, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and high-protein foods, while you can eat some red beans, red dates, beef, and fish in moderation.