How to prevent a sprained ankle playing basketball?

How to prevent a sprained ankle playing basketball?

Players and feet are the most vulnerable when playing basketball. Ankle sprains are more common. The injuries are often painful followed by swelling. Share with you how to protect your ankles in basketball.

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1. First of all, you should choose loose clothes such as sportswear and basketball uniforms to play basketball. Will not twist an ankle because of inappropriate clothes.

2. Choose a pair of professional basketball shoes, professional basketball shoes are protected to the ankle, but also can absorb shock and reduce damage.

3. Choose cotton socks with good sweat absorption. It is best to put the ankles on the socks to prevent the feet from sweating and slipping and causing sprains.

4. Before playing basketball, you must do well in preparation activities. Don't play basketball without taking an exam without warming up. You must warm up to your whole body.

5. Take care to avoid stepping on other people's feet when running and provoking, it is easy to sprain your ankle.

6. When the weather is bad, such as rain, snow, icy ground, etc., try to play basketball indoors. Do not go outside to avoid injury.

Ankle Brace,

Most people who play basketball may have experienced an ankle sprain. The feeling is really painful, but generally we don’t take medicine to deal with the sprain with us. Now let’s talk about an ankle sprain. Emergency treatment.

Once the ankle is sprained, stop activities immediately, check the sprained part and the extent of the injury before handling.

1. The inner or outer side of the ankle, especially the lower part of the inner or outer malleolus is obvious tenderness, the pain aggravates when passively flexing the ankle joint and pulling the injured collateral ligament, the local rapid swelling, even congestion, local bruising, should be a sprain.
2. If there is deformity, or even bone friction sound or bone friction sensation, a fracture should be considered and medical treatment is required as soon as possible.
3. A small number of severe cases have soft tissue damage, bleeding, and even the broken end of the bone communicates with the outside world, forming an open fracture.

Emergency treatment of sprains
1. Let the injured person sit down or lie on their backs, while using backpacks and other items to elevate the feet to facilitate venous return, which can reduce swelling and pain. Apply an ice pack or cold towel to the injured area as soon as possible to shrink the capillaries, reduce bleeding and exudation, thereby reducing swelling and pain. If you can moisten the towel with cold mountain spring water, it is the simplest ice pack. Master the frequency of cold compresses according to the specific situation, you can apply it for 20 minutes per hour, but pay attention to avoid frostbite.
2. At the same time or after the cold compress, apply any cloth items such as triangle scarf, turban or clothing to pressurize the ankle joint and its surroundings. You can also use several wide tapes to stick and fix the ankle joint from the sole to the ankle joint and the back of the foot to reduce movement degree. Whether it is pressure bandaged or fixed with adhesive tape, it should cause the injured lateral malleolus to form eversion or the injured medial malleolus to form inversion. This can not only reduce swelling, but also reduce or prevent the injured collateral ligaments or muscles from continuing to be stretched, thereby reducing or avoiding aggravation of injury and pain.
3. If a fracture has occurred or is suspected to have occurred, a wood block or cardboard with a length of about 30 cm should be placed on both sides of the injured ankle joint according to the situation, and cotton pads, towels or clothing should be added to the injured area, and then bandages should be used Or a triangle scarf secures the upper and lower ends of the two wooden plates or cardboard firmly.

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