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How to prevent elbow joint injury in movement?

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Elbow is a stronger joint, life under less pressure and little injury, elbow injury is generally common in a variety of sports. Let's look at how to protect the elbows in motion.
  Elbow Brace

The elbow not only achieves the front and back extension of the arm for energy, but also provides energy for the small arm to spin forward. Both directions of movement are required during warm-up.

Proper massage of the elbows can speed up the recovery of the ligaments of the joints, and the intensity of the massage is changed from light to heavy. Massage is better after warm-up and after training.
Elbow Brace
Choose the right protective gear to protect the elbow joints, common protective gear with elbow protection, sports cloth and so on

Do not use too much weight in training to put too much pressure on your elbows. Be sure to have strong peer protection when challenging self-use of large weights, and respect the principle of gradual progress.

Once the elbow is injured, ice is applied within 24 hours and hot and massaged after 24 hours. Serious injuries must go to the hospital for examination and filming to confirm the injury.