How to protect ankles when running?

How to protect ankles when running?

Now with the development of society, people’s life and work pressures are increasing. More and more people work overtime until late at night, and their bodies are in sub-healthy conditions, so more and more people start to run. Road, I want to use running to improve my physical health, in order to achieve the purpose of running fitness.
But running is not as simple as we think. It is a whole-body physical exercise, if we have some problems without noticing it. Then it is very likely that physical damage will occur, and physical damage caused by running is generally difficult to recover, and may become a lifelong hidden disease.
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As one of the most stressed parts of running, the ankle has always been the part that is easily injured. Many people don't know the importance of the ankle and how to protect the ankle. Let me talk about it today.

The importance of the ankle
In fact, many people like to protect their knees. The ankle is also one of the most stressed parts of our running. If our ankle is injured, it will directly affect our running performance. At the same time, a flexible ankle can help us relieve the impact of falling, let us run more easily, and the pace is more agile.

So how do we protect our ankles during running?
In the process of my running, I often find some novice runners, their footsteps are very dead, their ankles hardly move, and they often hit the ground directly, so the impact on our ankles is very large, and we His knees will also be stressed.

Therefore, first of all, we must move the ankle when we are falling, and make full use of the flexibility of the ankle to reduce the impact of falling.
At the same time, we must fully stretch before running, especially the ankle stretch, we must not neglect. We can do a toe wrap, which can relieve the pressure of the ankle, improve the sensitivity of the ankle, and prevent the ankle from spraining!

So, how can we improve the mobility of the ankle?
If our ankle mobility is stronger, the probability of our ankle injury is lower

Massage is often overlooked by our friends. If we can fully massage our feet, we can improve the mobility of our ankles. First, we have to fully massage the soles of the feet, and then massage our calves. Here we can buy a foam roller for massage assistance. Let our calf and foot move back and forth on the massage roller, which can improve the mobility of the ankle.
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Ankle wrap
In fact, there are many sports actions that can improve the mobility of our ankles and make our ankles more and more flexible.
The first is to let our ankles move around the toes. We can use the toes as the axis, and then let the soles of the feet rotate 360 ​​degrees around the toes, and then turn them back and forth, so that the back and forth can improve the flexibility of our ankles.

Calf stretch
In fact, this action can not only improve the flexibility of the ankle, but also strengthen the muscles of the calf. First of all, we stand on the ground, with one foot supporting the ground, and the heel of the other foot on the ground. At the same time, we move the ankles to make the feet move up and down, which can improve the flexibility of our calves and strengthen the front of our calves. The muscles allow our calves to be fully exercised.
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