How to protect your knees while running

How to protect your knees while running

We all know that running has many benefits, it can bring a lot of changes to mentality, body shape and life, let you abandon bad habits, and make you more diligent and optimistic. Whenever you feel pressure doubles, take a moment to go for a run, which not only relieves your mood, but also enjoys the scenery along the road.
Posture correction
Reality always breaks people's illusions by surprise, and often unsatisfactory situations appear in the process of running. When you concentrate on running, your body warns you that your knee is suffering from pain. People who love running are deeply aware of the importance of the knee. If the knee has an irreversible problem, the heart of running will be disillusioned.

Without a strong knee, we can no longer run, so don't wait for knee discomfort and pain to pay attention to it. At this moment, we must protect the knee!

Control the amount of exercise
Running is not temporary, it is also a long process. If you don't have any sports foundation, you must face this point. Control the long running time and mileage. You don’t need to set a running time of more than 1 hour or a mileage of several thousand kilometers every day. You can choose ten minutes a day and add five minutes a day appropriately to give your knees an adaptive opportunity. When your knees adapt to the intensity of running, you can run farther and farther on the road.

Do warm-up exercises before running and stretching exercises after running
Many people know that a warm-up exercise is required before running. It can animate the knee joints, reduce the degree of knee friction during running, and avoid cramps. But some people just ignore the stretching exercise after running. If they don't do stretching exercise after running, the muscles will become stiff, which will affect future running exercises. Stretching exercises after running can speed up the recovery of muscles and avoid injury in the future. Therefore, it is necessary not only to warm up before running, but also to finish stretching exercises after running to ensure that there is a start and a finish.
knee brace
Correct running posture
Unreasonable running posture can also easily hurt the knee. For example, knee buckles, excessive strides, or toes on the ground may cause knee pain. When running, be careful to keep your knees bent and keep your steps not too large. You must control your body’s footing and focus. Keep your body balanced. Use your heels and soles to land first. Roll your feet forward and relax your arms to follow. The body swings.
Knee Brace
Running equipment
Choose a good pair of sports shoes to deliberately cushion the impact of your knees when your running feet fall, so you should pay attention to shock absorption when buying sports shoes. Choosing a suitable pair of knee pads can also help reduce injuries

When running, we will ignore many inconspicuous places, but they have a fatal effect on the knees. Doing the above four aspects can protect our knees to a certain extent and prevent problems.
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