Let the child have the right posture, grow taller, more confident!

Let the child have the right posture, grow taller, more confident!

Sitting incorrectly can cause serious spinal problems for your child.

Correct posture

Children's learning time every day is more than ten hours, or even longer, the strength of its muscles is far less strong than adults, easy to cause the deviation of the vertebral body, but also an important reason for the formation of cervical lumbar disease after adulthood.

 right posture

Sitting incorrectly can lead to a slouched back.

People have a long period of time in a day is in a sitting state, especially in school students, improper sitting posture, will lead to a variety of diseases, and have adverse effects on physical development.

Wrong sitting posture, unequal shoulders, scoliosis

Sitting posture is incorrect, still may cause the problem such as myopia and strabismus.

Sitting in the wrong way, using the wrong distance or position of your eyes can have a big impact on your vision, which can get worse as you get older.

Good sitting posture and standing posture can not only affect the development of the body, affect the development of the child's body, but also have an important impact on the child's attention. A child who can't sit still can't listen attentively and can't fully absorb what the teacher is saying

Students back brace

Write when there are a lot of children, there are hunched back to write, there is lying on the table to write, and wring the body to write and so on a lot of bad posture, these are in the children just write when did not develop a good sitting posture caused. If the child is just learning to write, parents and friends do not particularly worry, as long as the timely correction of the child's sitting posture can be. Keep your child up so that his or her chest is about a fist away from the table. If the child is a long time, the parents of the correction of the child does not work, you can buy a posture correction device, let the child practice correction. This is only one way, mainly from the heart to accept the correct sitting posture, usually can also give the child to find some because of bad writing posture caused by physical harm to him to see the video. If the child has caused the curvature of the spine, it is necessary to go to the hospital.

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