Marathon compression socks, as a running enthusiast, do you really need them?

Marathon compression socks, as a running enthusiast, do you really need them?

On the marathon track, we often see many runners wearing compressed running socks. Why do so many people wear them? Does it mean that you will run faster and farther if you wear it?
compression socks
What magical effect does compression socks have? Follow me today to find out. As a running enthusiast, do you really need it?

compression socks

Compression equipment can play a role. The principle is to provide positive pressure to the unidirectional flow of vascular valves. The pressure difference between the ankle and the knee can promote the return of blood to the heart, while also being able to counter the influence of gravity on blood flow.
1. Improve running performance
Compressing the leg cuffs can increase the pressure on the calf muscles, thereby speeding up blood circulation and providing more oxygen to the muscles.
Theoretically speaking, wearing compression stockings can allow oxygen and energy substances to enter the muscles faster, improve performance during exercise, and at the same time can effectively dispose of lactic acid, facilitate other metabolic waste to be excreted from the muscles, and allow you to stay longer. Maintain high efficiency within time.
Of course, if you don’t run often, it’s basically impossible to expect a pair of compression leg sets to improve your performance, or run a marathon.
2. Stabilize calf muscles and reduce muscle pain
Compression leg covers can give you a certain amount of muscle support while running, which means that to a large extent, it can reduce pain by reducing muscle tremor.
Moreover, this kind of surrounding pressure will also reduce the perception of pain during running, and can run more naturally and comfortably. After all, the impact force of each landing will bring vibrations to the calf muscles. This kind of vibration affects the muscles. The culprit of injury and fatigue.
Therefore, a pair of professional running socks is indispensable. It can protect each of your toes very well under your long-term exercise, so that every step you run out can be light and light, such as stepping on the cloud. Feel like feet.
3. Accelerate fatigue recovery
A study once showed that athletes and people who have been flying for a long time will feel that their soreness is reduced a lot after wearing compression leg wraps.
A university in Madrid conducted a survey and interviewed 20 marathon runners wearing compression socks. Most of them said that compression leg sleeves are actually not very effective in the first half of the marathon, but they can The fixation effect of compression stockings on the calf is clearly felt.
With the change of distance and running posture, fatigue is prone to occur, and at this time, compression socks can play a great supporting role. Especially on some cross-country tracks, it can not only protect muscles, but also prevent weed branches from scratching.
Compression Socks
Of course, compression leg covers are also favored by many female runners, because the calves will look very slim immediately after wearing them.

For some runners who love long-distance running, a pair of compression socks is still a good choice. After all, for running, the most important thing is undoubtedly a pair of comfortable running socks.

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