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Protect Your Knees and Lift More Weight!

Posted by zhangxiaoqing on

For weightlifters and powerlifters, the training of leg strength is the most important, and the depth of the heavy weight is essential. In these two types of competitive strength events, knee joint injuries are still the first. It must be understood that for professional athletes, although the training is professional, meticulous, scientific, and experienced, every competition must be exhausted. Do your best, adjust your limits, it’s very dangerous


The best way to protect:

1: Strong thigh muscles. By training muscle strength, you will have strong thigh muscles, which will be good protection for the knee joint.

2: a good balance of muscle function, muscle function, mainly muscle strength, explosive force, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance each other, and the balance of strength and flexibility is very important, which directly determines whether your joint is healthy.

3: correct posture, movement must be correctly learned, extreme strength athletes, training movements and life posture, living habits, are guaranteed to be correct and healthy, in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.
4: Professional protective gear for training. In training and competition, professional protective gear is essential, such as weight belt, knee bandage, weight lifting shoes, etc.

5. Avoid overtraining, adequate rest, nutrition,