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There are many kinds of knee pads, how to choose?

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Knee pad refers to an item used to protect people's knees. It has the functions of sports protection, cold protection and warmth, and joint maintenance. It is divided into sports knee pads and health knee pads. Suitable for athletes, middle-aged and elderly people, patients with knee diseases.

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Knee pads have three functions, one is braking, the other is heat preservation, and the third is health care. Not much to say about heat preservation. The knee is very easy to catch cold. Many knee joint diseases are related to cold knees, especially in the mountains. The mountain wind is very cold and hard. Often the leg muscles will feel very hard due to constant exercise. The knee is not hot because there is no muscle movement. When people feel that the heat dissipation of the leg is very comfortable, the knee is actually getting cold. At this time, if you are wearing a knee pad, the insulation effect of the knee pad can be reflected. .
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Regarding the braking effect of knee pads.
The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There is a meniscus in the middle and a patella on the front. The patella is stretched by two muscles. It floats before the junction of the leg bones and slides very easily. In normal life, it is not subject to external force. It is affected, and there is no strenuous exercise, so the patella can move normally in a small range in the knee area. Because mountaineering exerts too much pressure on the knee, coupled with the strenuous exercise in mountaineering, it is easy to cause the patella to be retracted away from the original position, thereby causing knee joint diseases. Wearing a knee pad can fix the patella in a relatively stable position to ensure that it is not easily injured. The above mentioned is the mild braking effect of the knee brace when the knee joint is not injured. After the knee joint is injured, the knee brace with heavy braking can reduce the bending of the knee, maintain a straight line from the thigh to the calf, and reduce the knee joint Bend to protect the knee joint from aggravating the condition.

How to choose?

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According to different functions, knee pads are basically divided into two types.

One is the common type that is thicker and has a large hole in the front to expose the knee. It is usually a binding type and a knee pad that is fixed with a buckle. After this kind of knee pad is tied tightly, the knee cannot be easily bent, and the thigh and calf are always in a straight line with the knee. Therefore, it is very suitable for severe "braking" after knee injury, and because of its airtightness, it is not easy to use Daily knee protection.

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The other is a thin knee pad that is put on the knee, which has a certain degree of elasticity. After wearing it, the knee can still move freely, but it is obvious that the patella is slightly tightened. This kind of mild braking Knee pads can be used to protect the knees in normal sports, and this kind of knee pads are very breathable, and you will not feel any inconvenience when wearing them. Therefore, it is recommended to use this kind of mildly braked knee pads in daily sports activities. Protect the knees.