Under what circumstances need to use waist protection? Who should use waist protection?

Under what circumstances need to use waist protection? Who should use waist protection?

What causes young people to suffer from backache often.
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1. Sitting for a long time or standing for a long time, sitting incorrectly
Many office workers need to stand for a long time or sit for a long time in their daily work, which can easily lead to excessive muscle fatigue and cause back pain. Backache is also an occupational disease for many office workers. In fact, as long as you maintain the correct standing or sitting posture, you can effectively improve the condition of back pain. Many people actually maintain a posture for a long time, which causes back pain. It is best to change posture for an hour or two, or walk around.

2. Back pain caused by trauma
Many traumas can also cause back pain, such as contusions, sprains, etc. These conditions can easily lead to local injuries, bleeding, edema, adhesions and muscle cramps. If the treatment is not thorough at the time, it is easy to have frequent backaches in the future, so if it is a sudden backache, you should carefully think about whether you have had a sprain recently.

3. Not paying attention to keeping warm causes back pain
There are some people who often feel back pain when the weather is cold. Such people should avoid standing in cold areas such as wind vents for a long time, and avoid doing excessive exercises that can cause waist injury and aggravate back pain.
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4. Lumbar spine disease
Spinal cord and spine neuropathy may also cause back pain. When we feel discomfort in the spine, we should check it in time to avoid the occurrence of other conditions due to disease. If the back pain is caused by this reason, the back pain can be obviously relieved after the cure.

5. Visceral diseases
Inflammation of the female reproductive organs is also one of the reasons for women's low back pain. Severe reproductive organ diseases such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, and ovarian cysts can all cause oppressive and implicated low back pain. In addition, there are many patients with low back pain caused by acute and chronic pyelonephritis, and kidney deficiency may also cause low back pain.

Under what circumstances should a waist protector be used?
1. If it is after lumbar spine surgery or lumbar instability or spondylolisthesis, it is recommended to use a lumbar support, and a strong lumbar support.
2. If you have already experienced symptoms of low back pain, it is recommended to wear a waist support as long as you are not resting in bed.
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Who should use waist protection?
1. For people who need to sit and stand for a long time, such as drivers, office workers, salespeople wearing high heels, etc., it is recommended to wear waist protection when sitting or standing.
2. People who suffer from lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar hyperosteogeny, etc. should use waist protection.
3. People whose physique is weak and cold, their waists need to be kept warm and orthopedic, postpartum women, underwater workers, workers in frozen environments, etc.

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