What causes long back pain?

What causes long back pain?

The incidence of low back pain in life is relatively high, and the causes of low back pain are complicated, which endangers people's waist health. During the onset of the disease, the waist is severely damaged, and the pain symptoms are more serious, and it will affect the life and work of patients. A friend should be alert to low back pain and have a thorough understanding of the symptoms of the disease. The occurrence of the disease requires early treatment.
Low back pain is a more serious disease. It is a disease with more complicated causes, which damages the health of many friends. The waist is severely damaged and the symptoms of pain are particularly obvious. For this reason, we must be alert to low back pain and be familiar with it. The symptoms caused by the disease, always beware of changes in the waist. Let me introduce to you what are the symptoms of low back pain?
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In recent years, low back pain is extremely complicated. A lot of friends suffer from low back pain, which seriously damages the patient’s waist health. The low back pain is particularly serious and affects daily life. We should understand low back pain thoroughly and we need to spread the disease. The symptoms are as follows:

1. The waist is severely damaged. One or both sides of the patient have painful symptoms. This is the most obvious symptom. The low back pain will also radiate to the patient's legs, and it will be accompanied by external feelings or internal injuries. When the situation occurs, patients often see obvious abnormalities when undergoing lumbar X-ray examination.

2. Kidney-deficiency low back pain is particularly obvious. The patient's pain mostly occurs in the patient's entire waist, and it will be painful and dull, resulting in weakness and weakness. After the patient is tired or has sex, the symptoms are significantly worsened, and some patients have cold waist Pain, accompanied by weakness and weakness in the waist and knees.

3. Pelvic inflammatory disease. This symptom mostly occurs around female patients, causing severe damage to the patient's low back pain, forming a significant pain, which is likely to occur in the patient's lumbosacral area, accompanied by soreness and pain symptoms, and the lower abdomen falls The pain is obvious, and it can cause discomfort such as increased vaginal discharge.

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A good way to relieve back pain
1. Exercise the waist muscles.
In your daily life, you can choose to do some exercises like yoga and jogging to exercise your waist muscles. At the same time, for student parties and office workers who need to sit and stand for a long time, you can choose to do chest expansion exercises during rest. Waist muscles.
2. Maintain the correct way of sleeping.
A correct and reasonable way of sleeping in life can also alleviate the phenomenon of back pain to a certain extent. Many patients with back pain suffer from low back pain. If they cannot sleep, they can choose to sleep on their side. For patients with low back pain, try not to choose lying down. Fall asleep, because this sleeping position not only does not relieve back pain, but also increases the burden on the waist.
3. Have a correct sitting posture.
Having a correct and comfortable sitting posture is very related to waist health. In life and work, to be physically correct, you can choose a seat with a backrest to adjust the height, and a back cushion can be placed on the waist as a support. Effectively relieve back pain. After working for a long time, you can choose to get up from the seat and move your body to relieve the tired waist muscles

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