What damage does weight lifting do to an athlete's body

What damage does weight lifting do to an athlete's body

What are the benefits of weightlifting

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1. Strengthen
Weightlifting is a kind of exercise. As long as it is exercise, it is good for the human body. Weightlifting mainly exercises the muscles of the legs, waist and hands. It can obviously increase the strength, mainly to exercise the upper body muscles and lower limbs, and it is correct. The weightlifting exercises can also be good for growing tall, but you must pay attention to the correct way, otherwise it will have a bad effect on growing tall. It is best when you exercise to fever, and the human body is not fully developed. The cartilage between the bones can absorb nutrients most easily.
2. Extend life
Studies have found that with age, muscle mass is gradually reduced. However, weightlifting can delay the rate of muscle loss, and muscle mass has a great impact on lifespan. After reaching middle age, it is not the most important to lose fat or maintain a normal weight. It is possible to prolong life by maintaining muscle mass.
3. Better sleep quality
The combination of weightlifting and aerobic exercise will encourage the body to release more endorphins, which will make the body feel happy and relaxed, and the quality of sleep will also be improved.
4. Boost confidence
Strength training such as weightlifting will allow the body to build more lean muscles, make the runner's figure look more stylish, be more satisfied with their figure, and enhance their self-confidence.
5. Strong bones
Weightlifting helps to increase bone density and make the bones stronger to adapt to the stress of exercise. After the bones become strong, it can prevent stress fractures, osteoporosis and many other injuries, so as to better persist in exercise.
6. Improve balance
Sports like running, swimming or biking can also help build muscles, but in terms of improving balance, strength training like weightlifting is undoubtedly the best. When lifting weights, muscles and connective tissues need to play a role, so that the body maintains the correct posture, it must have a good balance ability

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Weightlifting is a common exercise in daily life. It is mainly used to lift the barbell with both hands to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body. However, if it is performed for a long time, it will easily affect the health of the body. Today, I will tell you what kind of damage does weightlifting cause to the athlete's body?

Lumbar injury
In the process of weightlifting, the spine often needs to bear heavier weight. If this is done for a long time, it will not only cause the spine to lose its balance due to overload, and then cause damage to the waist, causing tears, wear and even intervertebral disc herniation. And other symptoms.
Wrist injury
Compared with the spine, the wrist is more dexterous, and it is difficult to bear heavy weight. If you perform clean and jerk for a long time, it will not only cause fatigue and soreness in the muscles of the wrist, but joints may also occur in severe cases. Injury or muscle damage.
Elbow injury
The elbow of the human body can only be limited to flexion and extension. If the movement range is large and the frequency is large, it may not only cause certain damage to the elbow muscles and cause it to tear, but also may cause olecranon in severe cases. Fracture conditions.
Shoulder injury
In the process of lifting weights, the shoulders often need to have sufficient bearing capacity. If the bearing capacity is not enough, not only is it easy to be overwhelmed by the barbell because of unbearable strength, but it may also cause damage to the shoulder muscles and affect normal activity.

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