What's wrong with knee pain?

What's wrong with knee pain?

Many times, for some reason, people's knees will always be inexplicably painful. Why is this? What are the reasons for knee pain?

1. Leg cramps.
This kind of situation is rare. General leg cramps will not cause knee pain, and if it causes pain, it will also lead to back pain. The main reason is that the muscles are too tight during cramps, and the muscles are too stiff when there is no exercise in normal times. If there is cramps at this time, the knee will be 100% painful. Moreover, not only the lack of exercise cramps will cause knee pain, but also if the leg muscles are used excessively, such as excessive exercise, it will also cause cancer-causing pain.

2. The side effects of pregnancy.
Needless to say, this situation generally occurs in pregnant women. The main reason is that as soon as pregnant women become pregnant, they rarely move most of the time. In addition, due to the increase in weight during pregnancy, the pressure on the knee joints greatly increases, which will cause knee pain over time.

3. Osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis is mainly caused by the wear of articular cartilage, so this condition can easily cause knee pain. Moreover, because of arthritis, not only the knee will show pain symptoms, but also pain symptoms around the knee.

4. Sports wear.
This situation generally occurs in runners, and it is also a worn-out cartilage. However, unlike others, if you run too much, the cartilage of the knee is easily worn out! Once it disappears, the pain will double.

5. Deep vein thrombosis.
This disease can also cause knee pain, but it is generally rare. The main causes are obesity, old age, and smoking. Especially if sitting for a long time, the probability of getting deep vein thrombosis will increase greatly.

How can knee pain be effectively relieved?
Knee Brace
1. Exercise moderately. Many people think that when the knee is painful, it is necessary to lie still or rest. This is to protect the knee joint. This view is actually very wrong. Because doing so will make the development of the muscles worse, which is not conducive to the protection of bones and joints, but will increase the pain of the knee joint. But don't do strenuous exercise, just take a walk.

2. Proper rest and handling. Although proper exercise is necessary, proper rest is also indispensable, and the specific reasons need not be said.

3. Use cold and hot compresses reasonably. If you feel knee pain, apply a cold compress to the knee within 48 to 72 hours to relieve the pain. Of course, moistening the towel with hot water and applying it to the knee can also have a good effect. If it is not alleviated, you can only see a doctor.

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