Why are elbow pads so popular?

Why are elbow pads so popular?

You've seen professional athletes on TV wearing elbow sleeves at basketball games, tennis games, or any weightlifting or bodybuilding competition. So what's the big deal about people wearing elbow sleeves? One of the biggest reasons many people use elbow compression sleeves is because they help prevent injuries and provide stability to muscles and tendons.

Elbow sleeves have been around for decades, come in a variety of styles and thickness levels, and are made from premium materials like neoprene. A scientific study shows that compression sleeves reduce blood lactate levels and blood build-up, both of which are responsible for pain and swelling. This is why you see athletes and powerlifters relying on elbow cuffs to improve their performance and reduce soreness.

In this article, we'll cover more details about elbow sleeves, including who can benefit from using them, choosing the best elbow sleeves, and how to find the right size and material. With that in mind, here's everything you should know about elbow compression sleeves.

Why wear tennis elbow pads?

What does the elbow pad do?

As you probably know, compression elbow sleeves are very popular because they serve a variety of purposes. The compression and warmth of the elbow sleeves increase the blood flow and responsiveness of the elbow and arm muscles. This helps you have better control and stability during short workouts.

The warming effect of a compressed elbow cuff also aids in healing and can reduce recovery time.

When performing exercises such as the bench press, bicep curls, and shoulder press, many people immediately experience the warming effect of compressing their elbow sleeves, which stimulates blood flow and often relieves pain and discomfort. As we alluded to above, these compression sleeves can also be used post-workout as they aid the recovery process by reducing swelling and reducing pain.

The benefits of using elbow pads

Taking care of your body is important, and using elbow pads for training and recovery can go a long way. You might be wondering, who uses elbow cuffs?

We mentioned that athletes like basketball players, tennis players, and powerlifters rely on compressed elbow sleeves to not only support mobility during activity, but also to regulate blood flow and help overworked tendons. You'll also see compression elbow sleeves that world-class athletes and powerlifters wear during competitions (depending on the type of weightlifting).

When do you use elbow sleeves? See compression elbow sleeves worn by professionals, marathon runners or casual fitness enthusiasts, not just for show or for style. Others are skeptical about the benefits of elbow sleeves. It's okay to have these assumptions, but we believe that wearing compression elbow sleeves is beneficial for three main reasons.

1) Better protection

Discomfort and body aches and elbow pain can be annoying. Elbow cuffs provide protection with warm compression properties and reduce discomfort caused by elbow tendonitis, golfer's elbow, arthritis and more. Even better, compression elbow cuffs are great for protecting arm muscles and tendons during heavier presses or pushes.

2) Thermoregulation

Popular with outdoor sports and activities, especially in winter, compressed elbow sleeves help regulate body temperature. The compressive properties of the elbow sleeves work with the body to regulate blood flow and increase circulation. For this reason, marathon runners and other athletes use thinner compression elbow sleeves to maximize their performance.

3) Better recovery

By now, you can see the practicality and versatility of elbow sleeves. Another great benefit of compression elbow cuffs that demonstrate their versatility is that they are used for recovery. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often use compression sleeves to reduce elbow pain and swelling during and after a workout. During intense workouts, compressing the elbow cuff helps increase blood circulation, allowing muscles to recover faster.

Choosing the Best Compression Elbow Sleeves

We mentioned that elbow sleeves can suit every need and many different types of people. No matter what your training goals are, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best fit for your needs.

First, ask yourself what kind of support you need. This will help determine the thickness and functionality that is best for you. Compression elbow sleeves are available in thicknesses ranging from 5 to 7 millimeters (mm). If you lift heavy objects frequently, opt for thicker material elbow sleeves for maximum compression and support.

Second, think about purpose. Thinner compression elbow sleeves provide less support but give you the same compression benefits of stimulating blood flow and regulating body temperature. Thinner compression elbow sleeves are the kind you often see worn by basketball players, MMA stars and avid runners.

Finally, look for quality materials. Not all compression sleeves are created equal, nor are they built to last. Well-known brands use materials like neoprene because they can rely on it to last. While some people use cheaper nylon fabrics, it makes sense to buy durable elbow sleeves made of neoprene that will last a long time.

How to measure elbow cuffs?

Even before you consider using them, finding the right size and supportive compression elbow sleeves is probably the most important aspect. How tight should the elbow sleeves be? Look for clothes that fit. If the elbow sleeves are too tight, it may do the opposite of what you want, restricting movement and movement.

Elbow cuffs, on the other hand, should not be loose as you lose the benefits of compression. So what size is right for you? The perfect size is comfortable and breathable during use but doesn't limit your size. There is a convenient way to find your size, here's how:

  • You need to find a tape measure to get started
  • Next, fully extend one arm and measure around the elbow
  • You may not need to perform these steps for the other arm unless you absolutely need to confirm a fit
  • If you think you need a tighter size than the measurements, you can always choose a size

To help you find the perfect size, check out this handy size chart or click to watch the quick video below.

Use elbow pads

We've covered a lot of information that can be useful to anyone looking to find the perfect elbow sleeve. To recap, we've covered the details on elbow sleeves, including who uses them and the benefits, how to choose the best elbow sleeves, and an easy way to find the right size and material.

Deciding to own a pair of elbow sleeves is now an easy task. All you have to do is align your needs with what is right for you. If you're looking for support and stability in any press or weight training session, consider choosing one of our pair of elbow cuffs. Check out the full details and choose a color that matches your style.


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